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Cover by Daniella Batsheva

November 2023

from Brigids Gates Press

“Lush and imaginative, tense and atmospheric, Merciless Waters is a vengeful fever dream drowned in saltwater.”

- Rachel Harrison, national bestselling author of Cackle and Such Sharp Teeth

“Erotic and sensually developed. Lush with vibrant characters and unashamed in its horror and honesty, Merciless Waters is a powerful rush from cover to cover.”

- C.S. Humble, author of the That Light Sublime Series

“Batten down the hatches because Rae Knowles will drag you to the briny depths with this wild, immersive tale of seafaring adventure, ancient myth, grim revenge, and salty desire. These women buccaneers will hook you!” 

- Tim McGregor, author of Lure

Merciless Waters

Jaq and Lily have no past.

They need no past. 


Endless present stretches around all the women on the ship Scylla. But Lily has always been fickle, and when the crew rescues a man adrift, she’s quick to trade Jaq for the more novel lover. Enraged and heartbroken, Jaq considers the many ways to kill this interloper: The pigs will eat most anything. The sea is deep and choppy and cold. And she has venoms all her own, if it comes to it.


Unfortunately, it won’t be so simple.


With the man’s presence, the entire crew is infected with memories of before, and the ship’s fragile peace begins to shatter. Each woman learns how she came to be aboard, igniting a thirst for retribution that gives the usually aimless ship direction. As Scylla draws closer to shore, Jaq must decide whether winning back Lily’s affection is worth joining her in a quest for revenge that could destroy their endless present, separating them forever. 

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